Makeup Revolution Blushers

Makeup Revolution Powder Blushers in 'Hot' and 'Love' (£1 each)

It's another Makeup Revolution post for you guys today! This time, I'm talking about their fantastic powder blushers in 'Hot' and 'Love'. They're completely matte, which I love, and the colours blend beautifully. In my swatches, I built up the colours quite boldly, but they look fantastic worn lightly, too.

They're only £1 each, which I think we'll all agree is incredible, and their staying power is great, too. They have a few more colours which I'll definitively be picking up soon. What do you guys think?


GOSH Velvet Touch Lipsticks

If you've read my June Favourites post, you will notice that I featured some new purchases including some GOSH Velvet Touch Lipsticks which I have been absolutely loving lately. I've now got 3 of them and I definitely won't be stopping there, because the colour range is so amazing. They have so many different shades of pink, orange, purple and of course, red. The three shades that I have are Innocent, Kitten Pink and Precious.

Innocent is a nudey pink, 'your lips but better' sort of shade. It's so natural looking that I've been wearing it pretty much everyday, even when I'm only wearing some BB cream. It's just a very flattering lipstick.

Kitten Pink is a darker, coral pink. Again, it's a very flattering colour and I find it goes well with many different makeup looks. This is the colour that I've been going for when I'm having a full makeup day.

Precious is a loud, bright fuchsia. It's definitely not one that I would wear on an everyday basis, but it's perfect for special occasions or just when you want to feel a bit fabulous. 

The consistency of the lipsticks is beautiful and they are a pleasure to wear. They're so creamy and leave my lips feeling really moisturised. They're long lasting and fade evenly, too, which means no patchy lips. I already have my eye on some more shades so keep an eye out for more swatches in the near future.

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipsticks are £6.49 from Superdrug.


Makeup Revolution: Ultra Blush Palettes & Velvet Lip Lacquers

Blush Palettes in 'Hot Spice' and 'Sugar and Spice' // Velvet Lip Lacquers in 'Keep Lying For You' and 'You Took My Love'
Makeup Revolution has been taking the blogging community by storm recently. With their low prices, amazing colour pay off and extensive range of products, they seem to be the new favourite brand of bloggers and beauty fanatics alike. I've got a few of their products already and wanted to try some more, so I hot-footed it onto their website and ordered myself some goodies. I ordered the Ultra Blush Palette in both colours, 'Hot Spice' and 'Sugar and Spice', as well as two Velvet Lip Lacquers: 'Keep Lying For You' and 'You Took My Love'.

Swatches from 'Hot Spice' (top left to top right, bottom left to bottom right).
Swatches from 'Sugar and Spice' (from top left to top right, from bottom left to bottom right).

The 'Hot Spice' palette is full of orange and brown based colours, whereas the 'Sugar and Spice' palette is a mix of pinks, oranges and browns. They each have 8 shades in them. Most of the shades have a slight shimmer but there are a few matte ones, too. Two of them also look gorgeous used as highlighters. As you can see from my swatches, the colours are beautiful and can be worn both lightly or built up to create a bold look. 

Swatches of 'You Took My Love' and 'Keep Lying For You' Lip Lacquers.
The Velvet Lip Lacquers didn't disappoint, either. Look at the colour pay off! It's incredible. The consistency is a smooth, thick gloss that glides on beautifully and feels light on your lips. They dry matte and look so damn good. 'Keep Lying For You' is 100% my new favourite lip product for creating a vampy look. 

You can find all of these products and more on the Makeup Revolution website, here


June Favourites

I seriously can't believe how fast this year is going! It's July already! Which means it's time for my June favourites post. This month, I've bought a lot of products so I have found a lot of new favourites! I'll be posting more detailed reviews on some of them soon, but until then, here's a little run-down on what I've been loving in June!

Barry M Matte Top Coat
This stuff is amazing! It goes on shiny then takes a few minutes to go completely matte. It leaves your nails with a beautiful frosty look and makes every colour look amazing. I picked it up from Superdrug for £3.99 and I'm definitely going to be buying another bottle soon as I don't think it's going to take me long to get through this one, haha!

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipsticks
I've only recently discovered GOSH products. I had seen and heard of them before but I'd never tried anything from their range. I finally got myself some of their lipsticks and I chose the shades 'Innocent' which is a light pink, almost nude colour and 'Kitten Pink', which is a subtle coral pink colour which is a 'your lips but better' sort of shade. They go on so beautifully and last really well! Definitely my new favourites!

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer
Another GOSH product that I picked up was their Clear Velvet Touch Foundation Primer. It was down from £12.99 to £7.99 so I decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did. It's incredible. It leaves my face feeling so silky smooth and my makeup stays put all day. They also have an apricot gel one and a cream one which I'm really tempted to try out, too!

This has turned out to be a lifesaver! I have been using it with all different brands of lipstick and it's made them all last longer. Even after having drinks and eating, my lipstick is still in place. Such a great product. 

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
I have been lusting after this for ages and ages. My lovely fiancĂ©, Ollie, got it for me as one of my birthday presents and it has definitely lived up to my expectations. It's so good! It leaves my lips so incredibly soft and I've been using it every night before applying some moisturising lip balm. I LOVE this lip scrub. 

NYC Nail Polishes
So, we all know that I am obsessed with nail polishes. I had a count yesterday and found that I have collected over 50 bottles recently. Eeeek! These are some of my new purchases and I love them. NYC products are always such good quality for amazing prices and these nail polishes are no exception. The colours are gorgeous and last really well without chipping. Swatches coming soon!


MUA Haul

I love MUA products, especially their nail polishes. The colour range is amazing, they are so opaque and last really well. I love using them for nail art, too. I picked up some new colours and also grabbed an eyebrow pen (you can never have too many eyebrow products!). 

MUA Nail Polish in 'Lush Lilac' (£1)
MUA Nail Polish in 'Amaretto Crush' (£1)
MUA Nail Polish in 'Strawberry Crush' (£1)
MUA Nail Polish in 'Stormy Skies' (£1)
MUA Eyebrow Pen in 'Brunette' (£1)


Makeup Revolution Haul

Makeup Revolution has a massive hype around it throughout the blogging community. It's a new budget makeup brand and their products look amazing! I picked up some for myself the other day and I thought I'd show you what I got. 

Makeup Revolution Scandalous Eyeshadow in 'Rave All Night' (£1)

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in 'Encore' (£1)
Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in 'Sweetheart' (£1)
Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in 'Dazzle' (£1)
Makeup Revolution Vamp Collection Lipstick in 'Rebel With Cause' (£1)

Makeup Revolution Lipgloss in 'Baby Try' (£1)
Makeup Revolution Lipgloss in 'Free' (£1)
Makeup Revolution Lipgloss in 'Must Be Strong' (£1)

I'm pretty pleased with the products that I bought, the colour pay off is amazing and for £1, you really can't go wrong!